Friday, April 24, 2009

Rubber Duckie and The Me

drawing by marguerita
Credit bubbles are like the tide. They can cover up a lot of rot. In our case, the excess consumer demand and jobs created by our credit and housing bubbles have masked not only our weaknesses in manufacturing and other economic fundamentals, but something worse: how far we have fallen behind in K-12 education and how much it is now costing us Today, we have fallen behind in both per capita high school graduates and their quality. Consequences to follow..Op-Ed Columnist - Swimming Without a Suit -


Throughout history, civilization has yearned for friendship and nothing demonstrated friendship more than the production of the rubber ducky. In the 1800s the processes and equipment were finally invented that gave rise to the spectacular rubber ducky. No one is certain where the idea came from, but today the rubber ducky is a pillar of American pop culture. Rubber Duckies adorn the baby nursery, the dining room, and the bath areas. They have become extremely popular table and bath decor. From gifts to collectibles, rubber duckies have been designed to fit every occasion.

The rubber duckies of today come in all sorts of costumes, there are flag waving, military parading, and halloween dressed duckies. Each one brings a special sampling of adorability with it. Most of your purchases of rubber ducks should revolve around a theme. The following pictures and comments will assist you in finding the perfect duckie for your special occasion.

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