Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Umbilical News:US and UK deny special relationship is in trouble

art and photo by marguerita

We would add that President Obama and Prime Minister Brown enjoy a terrific relationship, they speak regularly on a range of the most difficult challenges facing our two nations, and meet frequently."

Downing Street accepted that there had been "numerous calls" between officials and the White House, where "potential meetings" had been discussed.

But a spokeswoman added: "We have said all along that the situation with formal bilateral meetings, that they were not pinned down, but they would be spending time together in New York and at the G20, where they would be discussing pressing issues."

Asked whether the men had met in a kitchen, as had been reported, the spokeswoman replied: "Anyone who has been to large international meetings of this type knows that meetings take place in corridors, kitchens and other parts of large buildings outside the auditorium."

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