Friday, October 23, 2009

,Bruce Wasserstein,Wass Street/the Wall:"It's all about how much can be drained off in terms of fees, golden parachutes etc, that gets a deal done.

drawing by marguerita

Dressed smartly in a black tuxedo and a crisp white shirt and with his new bride Angela Chao - looking resplendent in a floor-length ivory gown with intricate grey beading - on his arm, Bruce Wasserstein smiled shyly to onlookers as he entered the recently refurbished Metropolitan Opera building in New York.
The parallels between Wasserstein and the innovative opera he saw that night should not be lost – a trail-blazer, not afraid of upsetting the establishment, Wasserstein was, in his day, every bit just like the modern-day version of Tosca.
He wasn't really trying to be like anyone else.

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