Friday, March 12, 2010

Of Tasting Life,St raw berries,Aspargus Lemons and Mush rooms

drawing by marguerita

“Tutto a posto!” — “Everything resolved!”

America acts in the belief that life is linear

and leads to the realization of goals.

Italy idles in the belief that life is circular

and objectives an illusory distraction from pleasure.

Creative churn, America’s staple diet
(unless you’re too big to fail), is not the Italian way.
On a parallel,d'apres reading a story about Haiti:

"Oh Lord, you don't see this feeling of danger. If you see me crying, it's the problems I've got," goes one song.

"Giving food aid from day to day is fine, but they should help us develop our natural resources for the long term," she says. "That way, we can respond to our needs without having to depend on someone else to give us rice, beans and the other daily necessities."

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