Sunday, May 30, 2010

Of TEMPO,Time,Spent,Wasted,Thoughts in Search of Love, my Husband calls Convenience ?

drawing by marguerita

Sitting here alone, a curious flashback crosses my mind.TEMPO, an exhibit that was taking place in Rome ,years ago, when I had a chance to visit.I had missed my original destination,which was to see Hadrian's gardens in Tivoli.The day we got there was raining and my younger son,Jacob was cranky and crying.
The books that Marguerite Yourcenar wrote,I still may have, and not ever finished reading.Hadrian's Villa remains in Tivoli and in the book pages I keep looking at,on and off.
TEMPO,the exhibit I did not see,but I still remember the flavor of the coffee at the restaurant near the hotel we were staying.
TEMPO,that word devours me.

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