Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of Jealousy,Sex and The THINGS that make LIFE worth LIVING

drawing by marguerita

Blame it on schadenfreude? On The Rush Limbaugh Show Tuesday, the host seized on the news of Al Gore’s just-announced separation from his wife, Tipper, as an opportunity to rub salt in his nemesis’ wounds. Although Limbaugh claimed the couple’s breakup wasn’t “funny,” what he found hysterical was the notion that Gore’s divorce would make him a hypocrite.

His argument: Back in 2007, New Scientist published a study revealing that divorces are bad for the environment; when a household splits, researchers found, the two parties consume more energy and water apart than together.

Ergo, by getting a divorce, Gore is working against the cause he holds so dear.

“The environmentalist wackos have put this notion up there that divorce contributes to global warming,” Limbaugh said. “And now, here is Mr. Global Warming, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, now contributing to his own crisis.” Snap.

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