Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweets,Mementos,and Rose: Markaroons, by Marguerita and Mark ,Please !!!!!

drawing and brand name copyrights by marguerita bornstein

drawing collage by marguerita

On November 8th of 2010,I attended a fundraiser for the Israeli Herzog Hospital ,where Krug champagne sponsored and my husband Mark Fahrer catered. There was a selection of wonderful champagnes,the Rose in particular my favorite.
I also learned from the amusing and charming Carl Heline, Krug's ambassador, that the wine glass is much better to taste the champagne,than in the famous flute! Ah,Ha!!!
Mark served a macaroon,which I went crazy for.
So, later on in the night,I had a fun thought .Twist his name Mark with macaroons and voila! I coined the name: MARKAROONS!!!!!! and sat at my work table to create an image for a label.
Then I whispered in Mark's ear ,that he should venture into producing a line of baked goods.

For some reason ,forever I love sweets,most probably inspired by my mother Mea,who always made Linzer tortes,Lemon Merengue Pies,RumBaba....
In 1975, after my successful title opening drawings for the Brazilian soap opera O REBU, the slang word in Portuguese for party,I made sure to take my mother back to Paris,her first time in Europe,after the war. We both went looking for the
hotel Le Colisée on the Rue de Colisee,where my mother lived for a while,while working for Unesco,helping displaced Polish Jews to relocate to Australia,while she studied to be a cosmetician at Institute Antoine. She met Helena Rubinstein a the time and then my father,who had a Carte De Sejour.
He was writing for Teintex,a French trade publication. One day, both took a boat to Australia and I was conceived in Tasmania.

In Paris,my mother and I went over to Lenotre,the famous pastry chef,where I got his book,to add to my mother's collection of cuisine literature,her huge Larousse Gastronomique,which I lost in one of my transatlantic moves,and miss a lot. The Larousse was for me a symbol of my two parents. Both,who suffered so much,lost so much,were able after Auschwitz and Siberia,have a wonderful curiosity for Life,taught me never to have Anger,but search for Beauty and Colors and stand up against Injustice. Oh,my beautiful parents.You both live in my heart,and keep me going. When I am sad and down,your spirits bring me back up. I remember immediately,my mother baking and my father typing his articles ,published in Brazil and international publications,about innovations in Textiles, Chemicals and Life.
So,above the recipe for Markaroons,voila,drawings and name by Marguerita and introduced by Mark Fahrer,who holds me hostage to my sweet dreams.......

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