Saturday, December 7, 2013

Medusa series 1 Of Medusae, Food for Thought ,Temporal Lobes or Signum Temporis

drawing collage   by marguerita  

A developmental venous anomaly (DVA) is an arrangement of small blood vessels that may look like the spokes of a wheel that drain into a larger central vein.
DVAs also may be referred to as venous angiomas.
 Some doctors refer to them as caput medusae, a Latin term that means head of Medusa because the clump resembles snakes on the head of the Greek mythological character named Medusa.

The temporal lobe is a region of thecerebral cortex that is located beneath the lateral fissure on bothcerebral hemispheres of the mammalian brain.
The temporal lobes are involved in the retention of visual memories, processing sensory input,comprehending language, storing new memories, emotion, and deriving meaning.

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