Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food For Thought:the better an animal is treated, the better the meat will be.

drawing-collage by marguerita
text published in Le Monde D'Hermes Automne -Hiver 2008

Born in 1970, Rhadika Jha belongs to the new wave of Indiam writers.She came to attention with her first novel,Smell (Quartet 1999),which describes the spiritual and olfactory odyssey of a young woman exiled in Paris.Her vivid,fluent and subtle observations of her own country can be found in The Elephant and the Maruti Penguin 2003, a collection of stories inspired by the excesses and intensity of Delhi.She currently lives in Tokyo.

“It was succulent,” “It was mild. It was just perfect

Rancher's Goat Meat Grabs Attention of Chefs -

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