Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama :Allegro Ma Non Troppo-Vivace - Tempo - Adagio Cantabile -…

drawing by marguerita

And then it’s over.

They shake hands. Mr. McCain says repeatedly to Mr. Obama: “Good job, good job, good job.” He then seems caught in not being able to decide which route to take to the stage from behind the desk, throwing up his hands and making a face.

Their wives now join them on stage, Mrs. McCain in Republican red, Mrs. Obama in Democratic blue.

First Impressions on the Last Debate - The Caucus Blog -

“Senator Obama, your argument for standing up to leaders of your party isn’t very convincing.”

I’m proud of the people who come to our rallies.”
He then noted that big rallies tended to attract “some fringe people.”

“The facts are facts and records are records."

“That, to me, was so hurtful,’’ Mr. McCain said. “

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