Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attention : "Two shall become one flesh" also spracht Solomon

collage by marguerita
Keep it going.
Sometimes he reclined on the paisley coverlet while flipping through a Bible, emphasizing his point that it is time for the church to put God back in the bed.
“Today we’re beginning this sexperiment, seven days of sex,” he said, with his characteristic mix of humor, showmanship and Scripture.
“How to move from whining about the economy to whoopee!”

We should try to double up the amount of intimacy we have in marriage. And when I say intimacy,
I don’t mean holding hands in the park or a back rub.”
“If you’ve said, ‘I do,’ do it,” he said.
As for single people,
“I don’t know, try eating chocolate cake,” he said.

Just look at the sensuousness of the Song of Solomon, or Genesis: “two shall become one flesh,”
or Corinthians:
“do not deprive each other of sexual relations.”

“God thought it up, it was his idea.”Texas Pastor's Advice for Better Marriage - More Sex, More Often -

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