Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama and Hill; How about the Globe to hill -go- round?

drawing by marguerita Democratic officials confirmed on Friday that Mrs Clinton flew to Chicago on Thursday at Mr Obama’s request to discuss an unspecified role in the Obama administration – probably as secretary of state, but Pentagon chief was also cited as a possibility.

.Now that the presidential election is over, pundits and political junkies have to find new ways to amuse themselves. So the new guessing game is “who will be in the Obama administration?”

Today’s FT has a good rumour - Hillary Clinton for secretary of state. I think this is reasonably plausible. The Obama people didn’t want Hillary for vice-president because she would have been a little too close for comfort - and they also didn’t like the idea of Bill hanging around the White House.
But with Hillary safely across town in Foggy Bottom (or even better, in perpetual motion, flying around the world), Obama would be able to put the people he really trusts into the National Security Council, and run foreign policy from there.
And, politics aside, there is another reason to consider her for the job. She might actually be quite good at it. | Gideon Rachman's Blog | Hillary for secretary of state?
By the way,Hillary has already visited 82 countries.....
and,as Gail Collins commented:Clinton already has a supply of pantsuits sufficient to get her through six months of peace negotiations in the Middle East without coming home for a change of clothes.

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