Friday, December 12, 2008

Dignitas Personae: Only Adam &Eve and The Holy Ghost

drawing -collage by marguerita- Notes on Technology and Sex
“There is no morally licit way”The Vatican says these techniques violate the principle that every human life — even an embryo — is sacred, and that children should be conceived only through intercourse by a married couple.
The church also objects to freezing embryos, because it exposes them to potential damage and manipulation, and raises the irresolvable problem of what to do with frozen embryos that are not implanted. There are hundreds of thousands of these in the United States alone, a fact that prompted church ethicists to use this document to reiterate the church’s opposition to in vitro fertilization.
Vatican Issues Instruction on Bioethics -
from the Instruction:Human/animal hybrid embryos.
The Instruction rejects attempts to create such hybrids (including the use of animal eggs in attempts at human cloning), noting that "from an ethical standpoint such procedures represent an offense against the dignity of human beings on account of the admixture of human and genetic elements capable of disrupting the specific identity of man.

" The Instruction concludes by explaining the positive vision of human progress that grounds its moral judgments against specific abuses of biotechnology.
. Through modern science and technology, the Instruction says, the human person "participates in the creative power of God and is called to transform creation" in service to "the dignity and wellbeing of all human beings and of the human person in his entirety."

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