Saturday, January 9, 2010

Marklliver Travels d'apres Swift:An Essay for an Absurdian Play

drawing /collage by marguerita

Marklliver’s adventure in L'Express begins when he wakes after his marriage wrecks to find himself bound by innumerable tiny threads and addressed by tiny captors who are in awe of him but fiercely protective of their kingdom. They are not afraid to use violence against Marklliver, though their arrows are little more than pricks.
But overall, they are hospitable, risking famine in their land by feeding Marklliver, who consumes more food than a thousand L"Expresstians combined could.
Marklliver is taken into the capital city by a vast wagon the L'Expresstians have specially built.


Marklliver,he drinks too much,so we wonder about his mind and liver.
Has a hard time digesting humor,but likes angulas and zuchini.
Sometimes on alternate hollywoods he thinks and drives like Al Pacino in his Lamborghini,
in the movie.In fact ,he leans,more towards Berlusconi,before the Duomo's accident.
He will feel humiliated when faced with truth,but not concerned about humiliating someone who cares for him.An Omelet,instead of Hamlet.

The Made in Heaven producer gets kicked out and is in a funk.She has a very complex lifestyle.
Younger men,older men,one west,one East,likes to meddle where she has no business,kind of kitschy.strange. Makes wrong assessments about private lives and has no style,sense of understanding or knowing someone before opening her taco taco mouth.
She is like a character out of The Witches of Salem.Talks too much and says nothing.

The other one,is a Tea Hot Boiling Water Psychic Guru, with Money as the only reason for living and how to menace the lives of Marklliver's family.

And the Pursuing Weirdo, a frustrated wannabe,after a tv reality show,while posing as a wino expert,who cannot get neither a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Marklliver is introduced to the emperor, who is entertained by Marklliver, just as Marklliver is flattered by the attention of royalty. Eventually Marklliver becomes a national resource, used by the army in its war against the people of Blefuscu, whom the L'Expresstians hate for doctrinal differences concerning the proper way to crack eggs.
But things change when Marklliver is convicted for not providing his wife and causing her to be pushed out of her royal palace because of his urine and he is condemned to be shot in the eyes and starved to death, unless the Special Spirits are able to clean his head.

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